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My Goals…Halfway Through 2017

Oftentimes people set well-intended resolutions at the beginning of each year and forget about them within weeks. At my company’s annual retreat back in January we did something similar, setting goals for the year ahead at work. In addition to setting professional goals, we set personal goals, all of which corresponded to the company’s five values. Having structure provided a great twist on resolutions – and what better time to check in than halfway though the year? Here’s what I’m striving for in 2017.

Be a Knowledge Sponge

Professional goal: Receive a certification, such as Google Analytics or a university accredited continuing studies course.

Personal goal: Learn a new hobby, such as taking a photography course to better understand my DSLR camera.

Status: Incomplete. Time for me to get on this.

Share Your Talents

Professional goal: Lead a new program at my company, similar to when I headed-up our volunteering initiatives and helped with intern orientation.

Personal goal: Seek out new speaking engagements through my Public Relations Society of America involvement and Michigan State alumni network. And blog more!

Status: I’ve basically stayed stagnant with involvement in different organizations this year. Keeping in mind my other goals, it’s time to mix up my involvement to grow personally and advance the organizations I’m involved in.

Keep Promises

Professional goal: Try out new time management / to-do list tracking to manage my time, workload and expectations.

Personal goal: Respond to friends and ‘extracurriculars’ within 24 hours, even if I can’t complete a task for a few days. Keep self accountable for personal deadlines.

Status: While the workload in agency life is ever changing I think I’ve improved responsiveness in my personal life, but continuing to learn to manage my own expectations.

Embrace a Passion for Places

Professional goal: Seek out opportunities to visit client destinations more often, in a way that is beneficial to the client.

Personal goal: Stick to saving so I’m able to travel more and (one day) go on a trip alone.

Status: Still could save a bit more…but happy to say I’ve booked several trips this year and will be doing some sightseeing on my own! Stay tuned for recaps on my 2017 travel to Texas, Chicago, California, Louisiana, Boston, the Netherlands, Germany, and South Korea.

Pursue Happiness

Professional goal: Take breaks and remember that PR / marketing isn’t “life or death.”

Personal goal: Learn to say no. Be intentional in saying yes.

Status: I’ve worked hard at this and it’s beginning to pay off. Balance is key.

How are your 2017 goals going? It’s not too late to get where you want to be this year. Keep yourself accountable and get after those goals!

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