Travel Reflections

The below post originally appeared on my Instagram on October 29, 2017.


“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” ✈️

As I return from traveling roughly seven out of the last nine weeks, I took (several) moments to reflect while sitting at the airport. Seeing new cities, states and counties gives me an energy you can’t find elsewhere.

I received many questions about why I chose to travel to South Korea for vacation, both from friends and family in the states and from strangers abroad. The obvious answer is because I had family to visit in part of the country but the other reason is because, why not?

In today’s society (especially in America) it’s ever more important to see the rest of the world, to learn how things are done in other cultures, to step outside of your comfort zone, to gain perspective, and to challenge yourself. Traveling develops character and open-mindedness, and traveling alone, you’ll better know yourself.

I’m thankful to have the means to travel, because I’ve committed myself to working hard and prioritizing it. I’m thankful for having family that inspires and encourages me to see the world. Even though I know my mom was a little worried about my traveling so close to North Korea alone, I’m grateful for the experience of exploring alone in Seoul. I remember growing up people were always sorry my extended family wasn’t all together for holidays. Alternatively, I see it as a blessing. I have relatives on both sides of my family living and moving around the globe, providing a map of new places to visit and built-in tour guides. I’m also thankful for my boyfriend, friends and colleagues who continue to love, stay friends with, and work with me even when I have a crazy schedule!

I don’t know how many miles I’ve traveled this year (thought I’ve flown 30,000+ since I’m now a silver medallion on Delta!), but I have at least four trips left before year end. After that, time to restock the piggy bank. Here’s to seeing the world and my next adventure!

Current count:
📍4 continents
🌍 14 countries
🇺🇸 28 states

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