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“Going Pro” column in PRSA Tactics:

  • September 2018: 3 Hacks to Declutter Your Digital, Professional Life (PDF|online)
    3 hacks to declutter your digital professional life
  • June 2018: Maintaining Your Productivity While On the Go (PDF|online)
    maintaining your productivity while on the go
  • March 2018: The Simple Rights to Your Work and Counsel (PDF|online)
    the simple rights to your work and counsel
  • December 2017: Career Development for ‘Accomplished’ New Professionals (PDF|online)
    career development for accomplished new professionals
  • August 2017: Summer Reads for PR Pros (PDF|online)
    summer reads for PR pros
  • May 2017: 4 Ways to Continue Growing in Your Career (PDF|online)
    4 ways to continue growing in your career
  • February 2017: Why Writing Should Be the Most Sought-After Skill in PR (PDF|online)
    why writing should be the most sought-after skill in pr

From MSU PRSSA‘s monthly newsletter, imPRessions:

From PRSSA Regional Conference Blog:

From Hubbell Connections Blog:

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