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Distinguishing Discipline

0dee07f500571f0f80433da936e1ae51Last month my dad gave me an article that about self-control. Something we learn at a young age and practice everyday, self-control is not something we often think about consciously.  Summarizing the article and adding my own thoughts, this can be a solid reflection on how you’re living life.

Self-control is the quality that distinguishes the fittest to survive. – George Bernard Shaw

Whether it’s physical or mental control, being aware of your surroundings and actions will ensure consistency and balance – at work, at home, with family/friends and more.

To be aware of self-control think about the following aspects of your life and take time to make the changes needed to climb a ladder of success:

  • Work Ethic: Are you working the best you can? Are you working hard or working smart? Are you outworking your competition?
  • Fitness: Is physical exercise part of your daily regimen? Is your endurance at it’s peak? Do you eat balanced meals?
  • Character: Are you a leader or a follower? Do you stand up for what you believe in? Do you have a passion? Do you too frequently fall into peer pressure?
  • Appearance: Do you make an impression? Do you allow yourself ample time for rest? How do you carry yourself? Do you put yourself together regularly? Are you confident?
  • Demeanor: Can you hold a conversation with a stranger? Are you a team player? Are you respectful? Do you consider your actions effects on others?

The easy part of self-control is finding natural talents, be it a sport or form of art. What gets hard is discipline. Whatever you do in life will follow you; your story is written in stone, not pencil. If you aren’t striving to achieve more there will be no meeting of goals. So get out there, and realize your dreams!

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