Michigan State University

Sophomore Year: MSU 2011-2012

After moving home for the summer, I couldn’t wait to get back to East Lansing for my second year at State.  This year, I live in Holden Hall again, but in a single room with friends in the adjacent suite. The fall kicked off with many tailgates and another round of football season.



This year definitely had the best Halloween costume I’ve worn, being one of three Taco Bell hot sauces!


All of fall semester I pledged – and then became a brother of – the co-ed, Greek, professional business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi.


During the winter I was very involved with AKPsi and went on fun outings like ski tip with my bros!


In March I went to Florida for spring break, and came back to Michigan for the warmest St. Patties Day ever, at 80 degrees!



Finally, the end of sophomore year was like prom all over again, attending formal with AKPsi.



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