Public Relations

Spotted: Public Relations + Romance

The practice of relations is a lot like dating and dating a public relations professional can be great. Confused? Read on…

The typical public relations girl – always on her phone, documenting life on social media in between emailing and constant push notifications. Photo: Chuck and Blair in Gossip Girl.

Dating someone who is a public relations professional means they will be consistently on time and alert you if they’re running late.   Public relations is all about deadlines. With sending out releases, determining frequency of newsletters, social media and blog posts, juggling meetings and having their phone on ringer, a PR professional is always aware of the time.  They know time is precious and will not only have their availability window in mind, but your schedule as well.  Throw out the notion that a girl needing ‘5 minutes’ to get ready will need an hour, a PR girl won’t exaggerate.

The conversation doesn’t dull. Public relations pros have mastered talking and communicating all day long.  No matter how dry a conversation becomes or what turn a date takes, they will be able to  achieve a cordial interaction.

Expect out-of-the-ordinary dates. No matter what practice area a PR pro works in, they are always reading the news.  Pertaining to their industry or not, PR pros are trained in knowing what events are going on, the hottest places to be, and the newest things to try.   If you’re lucky, you can be a +1 to a swanky event they’re covering, or at least be wowed by the newest bar or gallery in town.

Know that you’ll be made a priority. Public relations pros balance so many things a day, be it corporate projects or numerous clients, they know how to make everyone happy and divide up their time.  If dating a PR pro, you won’t be an exception to that.

There isn’t much complaining or nagging. Public relations pros know how to stay optimistic and find a solution to anything. Having confidence and being positive is the key to getting through their hectic day, this mentality stays the same when they leave work.

Little things count. While a PR pro may be so busy answering emails all day that they don’t have a chance to call you on their lunch break, a simple text will put a smile on their face.

We’re fabulous entertainers. Public relations pros live off coffee during the day and may indulge in a cocktail some nights. With all this caffeine to fuel through meetings and drinks for networking at happy hours, they probably are well versed in many beverages. Voila, you have an at-home barista and bartender, as well as connoisseur when out on the town.

A public relations girl – driven and ambitious.

How else does public relations play a role in your relationship?

Opinions are my own and generalized. Not all claims are true for all professionals in the public relations field, but an overarching theme that relates to dating.

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