Thirteen for 2013

This is my twist on the inevitable post bloggers will be writing through the rest of the year.

There’s the ones expressing thanks and gratitude on Thanksgiving.  There’s the ones counting down to Christmas.  The ones about breaking good habits to indulge in holiday treats. The ones reflecting back on the year that has passed.  And the other biggie you can’t overlook, resolutions.

Why give thanks only once a year?  Why reflect only once a year? Why set goals only once a year?  

To be successful, one must always be setting goals to reach dreams, always be thankful for the opportunities that got them there and always thinking about this so that the cycle continues.  Below is a list of 13 events, opportunities, experiences, people and accomplishments that I encountered during the past 11 months.  I’m either thankful, proud or just plain reminiscing about each.

One.    I received my first DSLR camera at the beginning of the year and am so thankful.  After years of asking for one, it felt all the more true that photography is turning from a hobby to a passion.

Two.    I accepted my first paid internship and started learning about and practicing public relations outside the classroom.

Three.    In February I attended the Principled Business Leadership Institute regional conference for my professional fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi.  I also became Vice President of my chapter.  I’m thankful for the networking experience in Chicago and proud of my goals to secure a leadership position.

Four.    After designing the logo for the CASE ASAP District 5 conference, I saw the event come to life and attended sessions lead by inspiring professionals.  

Five.    I attended The LeaderShape Institute.  The life-changing experience has stuck with me and how I interact with others.  Extremely thankful that I had the opportunity to attend.  

Six.    I accepted an internship offer with an agency and moved to New York City for the best summer of my life.  I can’t thank my parents enough for supporting my decision to head to the east coast a year before graduating.

Seven.  New York gets to take up two spots because a quarter of my year was spent there and it included both professional and personal experiences and memories.  I worked with nationally recognized clients, attended meetings out of the office, watched the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks, celebrated my twenty-first birthday and mastered the subway, including taking it far enough away from Manhattan to a beach.

Eight.    I moved into my first house, rather than apartment, with three of my best friends to finish off my college career.

Nine.    I started doing a public relations-specific internship and fell in love with the work.  I finally knew I preferred it to advertising in general.

Ten.    Attending the Public Relations Student Society of America national conference in Philadelphia in October gave me an overwhelming sense of motivation and passion for my career path.

Eleven.    I found time (rarely) for relaxation in my busy schedule of being way too over-involved.

Twelve.    The past month I’ve been eating healthier and working out. Having built this habit before Thanksgiving I feel confident to make it through the holidays and not need a fitness intervention in January!

Thirteen.    I’m proud of how hard I’ve worked the past few years.  I’m thankful to everyone who has helped me along the way and continues to do so.



Here’s to finishing 2013 strong and setting myself up for success in 2014.

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