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PR: The Glamourous Industry and Unpleasant Truths

I recently did a post for my ADV 492 class at Michigan State.  Check out the original page here, or read below!

All of the communications industry is hit so hard with news from countless sources each day.  So where do I find the interesting stuff? Stuff that isn’t repeated on Advertising Age and AdWeek? Stuff that you can be the first to post on Twitter? Let me tell you my favorites:

From PR Couture. Check out:

PR Couture

PR Couture is the go-to place for fashion public relations.  I really like it because it’s specific to a particular market, but you can still apply all the articles and tips to any part of the PR industry.  Their blog page in particular is always up-to-date and full of helpful posts. Ranging from updates during fashion events (think NYFW), videos, interview tips, and event opportunity postings (jobs, networking). PR Couture is always bookmarked in my online reading list.  A specific post relating directly to the topics of Michigan State’s ADV 492 class, discusses SEO for Fashion PR, check it out!

From Parties + PR Twitter @PartiesandPR. Check out:

Parties + Press Releases

A knock on the assumption that public relations professionals just write press releases and and attend glitzy parties, the girls of P+PR blog about everything public relations.  In addition to always creating new, interesting content and interviews with need-to-know people, Parties + Press Releases is one of my favorite Twitter accounts.  Follow @PartiesandPR for quick reminders of articles to check out, inspiring quotes to retweet and conversation to jump in on.


There are thousands more blogs and sites to keep learning everyday.   What are your favorites?  Take a few minutes to yourself to frequently listen in on industry chatter, news and best practices.  Your career will thank you.

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