Living in a small space with strangers

I’ve never been one to be eager to live with strangers, though during college it’s inevitably going to happen.  Freshman year of school I tried to avoid the situation by finding a roommate on Facebook, which while I still didn’t know her, it eased the situation of feeling like I “picked” my roommate.  Sophomore year I was fortunate enough to have a single room and be suitemates with girls I knew.  The summer following as well as junior year I transitioned to apartment life, living with strangers both times for various reasons, but at least having my own bedroom/bathroom and only sharing the kitchen/living space.

For my next housing situation, rewind to the beginning of Summer 2013, when I moved across the country to New York City alone, a place notoriously famous for outrageous rent and closet-size apartments, that may have the occasional rodent. Almost all apartments in Manhattan require a broker and on-the-spot signing so I needed something more convenient for my 10-week internship.  I ended up living in NYU housing, which thankfully lets anyone live there, even if you aren’t a student.

When I received my room assignment it was an interesting surprise to see five girls assigned to a 2-bedroom apartment.  Just those numbers sound comical and it was a funny fact to mention when meeting people, but there were pros and cons.  For New York standards our apartment actually wasn’t too bad.  We had a pretty big living room (great for entertaining, but with ancient furniture).  The kitchen was super small, but at least we could cook, even though it was only an oven and no microwave (we lived radiation free).  We had two bathrooms and definitely wouldn’t have been able to function with less having that many girls.  As far as the 2-bedroom situation, we all had twin-size dorm beds again.  It was interesting but the one bright side is that the room was big enough that they didn’t have to be bunked, and every morning you wake up next to your friends to reminisce about the night prior.  I can’t fail to mention that we were still paying an outrageous price when our bedroom wall didn’t go up to the ceiling and our building was on the corner across from a detention center one way and homeless shelter another.  Minus several cat-calls walking, we survived just fine and were close to the subway.

Finally was the fact that we were all random and didn’t know eachother prior to moving in.  While this could’ve been a disaster, somehow we all turned out to be normal J and had a great summer!  Lots of memories were made and I can’ t wait to see these girls when our futures cross paths again in the concrete jungle.


As far as my next living situation- I just moved into a 4-bedroom off-campus house with three of my best friends.  Here’s to senior year of college (and saving all my money to go back to NYC)!

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