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Pretty Young Things

Originally posted March 28, 2013 on my prior blog.

Pretty: yes I try to look my best everyday.  Young: something that every woman wants to be.  After your twenty-first birthday (until maybe, retirement, when you embrace your age and wisdom) it seems females always want to look younger than they are; as history and culture shows that it’s also what men are attracted to.  So, no to all the parents complaining about Victoria’s Secret’s new Ad campaign “Pretty Young Things.” Pretty and young definitely relate to the college market and their freedom on spring break.

PINK Bright Young Things

College is the final time you are in school and probably having fun. Most students graduating in four years finish by the time they’re 22 years old.  If a human’s life span in the U.S. is now over 80 years, then yes, wouldn’t only having lived a quarter of your life be considered young?  I would say so- you have the whole future ahead of you!

Adults in the “real world” don’t get spring break (besides the few companies who’s culture likes a vacation).  There is no other time in your life where students travel with so many people of their own age, to a beach outside of their state or the country, to celebrate life!  Spring break trips are some of college students’ best memories and VS’s advertising campaign is appealing to the demographics of their PINK customer.


To all the upset parents of girls in high school and middle school, relax.  Were you handing your daughter PINK coupons that came in the mail?  If you are, that’s your choice as a parent.  Turn off the TV showing the VS Fashion Show until your daughter is older, you are the parent!  You can make them wait, as Victorias Secret does not sell training bras and is not a store for tweens to get embarrassed in.  From a college girl having only been a Victoria’s Secret customer for the past 4 years, calm down.  I am a happy, motivated young woman who enjoys what VS markets and sells to me: from their spring break gear, to collegiate collections to the PINK app.


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