New York City

actual life in the city

Well, as I’m disappointed in myself for not having blogged yet, I’m officially all moved in to my Manhattan apartment!  The first I might add – hopefully not my last 😉 

Intern life has started.  Highlights include people watching (especially the tourists, since I now am not one), endless coffee at the office and awesome experience learning.

Being the first time sharing a room since freshman year dorms was also a nervous feeling – that worked out fabulously! Blessed to live with amazing girls who I’ve been exploring the city with. Or as we put it before, “Thank god none of us are weirdos! Because one of us could’ve been!!”

Taking advantage of all the city has to offer is another obvious plus.  Free events and festivals, the best nightlife, and even tanning in a park instead of the beach.  Just may be the best summer yet.

Short, but sweet, I hope to update about the city life more and more!

xo, citygirlhanna


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